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Graduate - Graduate Certificate

ESE offers 5 Graduate Certificate Programs to supplement an existing graduate program or to provide specialized knowledge to professionals in several areas of Exceptional Student Education.

Certificate programs are often ideal for nondegree seeking students who would like to sample graduate courses before committing to a graduate degree program. In addition, certificate programs may round out a graduate degree program, providing a special emphasis in addition to a graduate degree.

Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) provides additional training for professionals in Exceptional Education. Course work focuses on knowledge, skills and competencies for working with students with ASD. The program is composed of four graduate courses that can be incorporated into a master’s program of study in Exceptional Education or taken as an add-on to an undergraduate or graduate degree. A 20-hour field experience component is associated with each of the four courses. Pending state approval, individuals holding the Florida ESE teacher certification may apply the four certificate courses toward the State Endorsement in Autism (Administrative Rule 6A-4.01796).

An Electronic Portfolio is required for completion of the Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate program.

For more in information contact: Dr. Cynthia Pearl or 407-823-1784 or Dr. Eleazar Vasquez

Intervention Specialist Certificate

The Intervention Specialist certificate provides students with the opportunity to develop advanced problem-solving skills to target appropriate educational interventions in reading, mathematics, and behavior. Students who earn this certificate will acquire knowledge, skills, and competencies for working with all students within an intervention framework. This is a multi-disciplinary certificate and includes coursework in exceptional student education, school psychology, reading education, and math education.

For more in information contact: Dr. Mary Little or 407-823-3275

Pre-Kindergarten Disabilities Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Pre-Kindergarten Disabilities Certificate provides bachelor’s students and master's-prepared teachers the opportunity to obtain the requisite curriculum to become credentialed in the area of pre-kindergarten children with disabilities. The certificate prepares qualified students to teach the pre-kindergarten handicapped population.

For more in information contact: Suzanna Martin or 407-823-4260

Special Education Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Special Education provides out-of-field teachers and students with some of the course work needed to meet state certification requirements in special education. This certificate will help out-of-field teachers become more effective in their classrooms and will enhance the delivery of education to children and youth with disabilities.

For more information contact: Dr. Mary Little or 407-823-3275

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