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GKT – General Knowledge Test

The GKT – General Knowledge Test is required for admission to the College of Education.

GKT - SARC offers help with the math portion of the GKT in the form of tutoring, workshops, and information regarding a free practice website for all portions of the GKT (407-823-5130).

UCF Continuing Education offers Test Preparation Classes for the GKT and Comprehensive classes for the GKT and Professional together.

All ESE undergraduate students must take and pass both the Professional Exam and the ESE K-12 Exam for graduation.

FTCE Professional - To be taken before Internship I

Before you take the Professional, you should have taken:
  • EDF 4467 Learning Theory and Assessment
  • EDG 4410 Teaching Strategies and Classroom Management

Free FTCE Workshops for the Professional Exam are offered in the College of Education each semester.

UCF Continuing Education Offers Test Preparation Classes for the Professional Exam.

FTCE: http://www.fl.nesinc.com/ - To register for any of the exams and purchase test preparation guides.

FTCE ESE K-12 – To be taken before graduation

Before you take the ESE K-12 Exam, you should have taken:
  • EEX 2010 Introduction to Special Education
  • EEX 3221 Assessment of Exceptional Students
  • EEX 4601 Introduction to Behavior Management
PDA-ESE – Professional Development Alternatives for Exceptional Student Educators offers Professional Development Modules that will help you prepare for the ESE K-12 Subject Area Exam.

All 3 of the above exams are graduation requirements.
The exam below is not a graduation requirement, but is STRONGLY recommended.
It is a state requirement in order to meet the Highly Qualified Teacher Requirements.
You may not be able to get a job teaching in the State of Florida if you have not taken another content area exam.

Content Area – Subject Area FTCE – In order to be Highly Qualified

Before you take the Content Area Exam, you should have taken Both methods courses.

Content Area would be ONE of the following:
  1. Elementary Education K-6
  2. Middle Grades Integrated Curriculum 5-9
  3. Secondary Area 6-12 (This exam would be for students who are very strong in a particular content area like Math, Science etc. and would like to teach that subject.)
FDLRS – Florida Diagnostic Learning and Resources System offers Professional Development Modules that will help you prepare for the Middle Grades Integrated Curriculum or the Elementary.

Free FTCE Workshops for the Elementary Exam are offered in the College of Education each semester. 

FTCE - FELECOE - FTCE (online PDF file file)

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